Adaptive Lighting Could Slash Electricity Bills

Adaptive Lighting Could Slash Electricity Bills
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A business card-size device monitors available light and makes adjusts as needed.D5JskoiquGk

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A new development from MIT could slash a home’s energy budget in half

. Researchers Matthew Aldrich and Nan Zhao built a system that’s able to monitor available light and adjust it automatically. The setup was made using LEDs, the most efficient form of lights that are commercially available. Unlike compact fluorescent bulbs, LEDs can be adjusted to any level of lighting intensity.

LED lighting lasts for perhaps 50,000 hours and can be dimmed, something compact fluorescents can not be. Now adding in a smart sensor and the lighting can be more efficiently distributed.

This could have a huge effect on energy usage, particularly in commercial settings. According to the original research <>, they can also use multiple LEDs of different colors to modify the color balance depending on the need.

The researchers found that they could see massive reductions in light usage, up to 90 percent. Since LEDs themselves already have one of the best light output to watt used ratios, the overall reduction could be enormous.

And I loved this quote – my bold:

Jeffrey Cassis, the CEO of Philips Color Kinetics, a leading manufacturer of LED lights, says that the team doing this work “is world-class — they are working on a hard problem and a quality, cost-effective solution has great potential.” He says that it is important to use a systems approach, as this team is doing, looking at the whole lighting system rather than just individual components. But he adds that the cost of the finished system, as well as how easily it can be used to retrofit existing lighting systems, will be crucial factors in determining its adoption.