Dealing with obnoxious protesters by peaceful protest

westboro by k763

Thousands of of people line the streets to protect funeral from protesters. Hell yeah, America!
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As if a bell tolled a neighbor’s trouble, folks came running.

The first showed up before the sun Tuesday, huddling and shivering in the cold and the dark. Others soon came, and before long their numbers stretched a block on both sides of Mechanic Street in front of Harrisonville’s Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church.

People drove from three or four counties away. Buses arrived, bellowing exhaust into the cold, bringing loads of schoolkids and senior citizens. People took off work. Some brought dogs. Farmers parked pickups nearby.

It wasn’t a fire, but a burning sense of what was the decent thing to do for one of their own who had given his all.


Phelps and his Westboro Baptist church have been causing havoc at funerals for some time, actually making a living by being jerks. They have won several lawsuits for assault and such. They may actually want to provoke these responses to increase their incomes.

So it is nice to see smart people figure out a way to respond. And to see modern technology augment the clarion call of a church bell.

It has been my experience that you can almost always outsmart jerks and assholes. Part of the reason they act that way is their inability to adapt. Here we see a nice example of a community using their constitutional rights to peacefully show how a community can come together to fight for itself.