No body likes being demonized, not even TSOs

TSA Screeners Dislike the Pat-Downs, Too
[Via Daring Fireball]

Steven Frischling:

A few days ago I contacted 20 TSA Transportation Security Officers (TSO) to ask their opinions of the new “enhanced” pat downs. Of the 20 I reached out to, 17 responded. All 17 who responded are at airports where the new “enhanced” pat down is in place … and the responses were all the same, that front line TSOs do not like the new pat downs and that they do not want to perform them. I expected most to not like the pat downs … but what I didn’t expect was that all 17 mentioned their morale being broken down.


While this is not a perfect analogy, I do find that this sort of view – ‘I really hate working for such a bad organization and wish I did not have to do the bad things they told me to’ – reminds me of this great clip from Clerks, discussing the various workers on the 2nd Death Star – Personal Politics:

“…personal politics comes into play heavily when choosing jobs.” Love it.

One thought on “No body likes being demonized, not even TSOs

  1. I think that as far as health issues go, “Are the TSA officials changing their gloves?” trumps “Is the x-ray backscatter machine properly adjusted?” In chemistry labs, or medical situations, it is quite common for workers to forget that the gloves that protect their own hands still spread contamination.

    The quote you give: “…personal politics comes into play heavily when choosing jobs.” is a good point to make. Right now, the TSOs didn’t choose this pat-down procedure. Over time there will be a sorting out of those willing to do the work and those not. And replacements that are aware of, and willing to do this coming in as new workers. I don’t see how that can be positive.

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