Why I hate wireless carriers – their fees nickel and time you to death

Verizon’s Service Charges for the Galaxy Tab
[Via Daring Fireball]

An activation fee here, an overage charge there, and all of a sudden your first monthly bill for your “$20 plan” is $89.


I’ll pay all that crap because I need a cell phone but I’ll be damned if I will put up with it for a tablet. That is why my iPad is a Wi-Fi only. If I have to access something via 3G, I’ll use my iPhone. Otherwise, I use my iPad.

Why have to deal with the eternal hassles of the wireless carriers TWICE? (Although the data plan Jobs worked out with ATT appears to have none of these picayune fees.)

And that is why the iPad will always be a big seller. I can get the exact same experience whether I have a WiFi only model or one with 3G. Same apps,. Everything.

Not so in the Android world where I have yet to see a WiFi only model that has anywhere close the same experience as the 3G forms. So, if you want to go Android and have a tablet, you HAVE to deal with the cell phone companies.

And all their assorted fees.