Making bricklaying cool

brick laying by the bridge

Brick-road-laying machine
[Via Boing Boing]

Tiger-Stone makes this enormous, unlikely and quite marvellous road-laying machine that semi-automatically sets down neat sets of interlocking bricks, ready to be sealed with a light dusting of sand.

The machine consists of an angled plain that workers feed with paving stones or bricks. As the electric crawler inches forward along a sand base layer, the bricks are automatically packed together by gravity. A small telescoping forklift feeds the hopper, allowing the Tiger-Stone to lay out an impressive 400 meters of road day, and the span can be adjusted up to six meters wide. Here’s a stereophonic video of the machine in action.


This looks like a nice device to accelerate brick laying for roads. what is cool is the ability to lay out the bricks like a sheet of paper, changing the pattern whenever they want.

Here is the video:

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