A great interview between two smart people – Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow Interviews Jon Stewart
[Via Daring Fireball]

Thoughtful, smart, reasonable debate on the role cable news plays in U.S. political discourse. (Want to watch it in Safari, without Flash? Turn on Safari’s Develop menu, then choose Develop → User Agent → Mobile Safari 3.2.2 — iPad.)


It is a long interview but an interesting one to hear. Smart off the cuff discussions are not held in high esteem on TV. Much easier to show idiot, blowhards who scream.

But hear, Stewart and Maddow discuss a lot of stuff, some of it quite important. Mainly – ‘It does not matter if your side is right or not if you are screaming “Liar” or “Socialist” or “War Criminal.” Only your side will listen.’

You do not have to insult those who might listen. We will not get much done nor solve many problems if we break up into two equally sized camps.

Of course, both Rachel and Jon have shown themselves to be people who will listen to other views. This is a great long-term view and one we need to get on quickly.

Unfortunately, there are currently a large proportion of the nation that will not listen. It does little good to try and talk with them. And this is both liberal and conservative people. Many progressives ripped into Jon because he is not leading the charge or because he will actually have O’Reilly on the show. They rip Obama because he is not liberal enough. Each group think that only they have a clear view of what is right.

So they insult the other side with conversation halting epithets. Instead of dealing with real problems, they yell at each other. Which really only helps those who care purely about power.

Stewart is right. There is not red and blue. There is corrupt and not corrupt. I hope that is something we can agree on.