More on audio-video illusions and the circle of music parody

The McGurk effect I mentioned below illustrates what happens what happens when a sound does not match what we see. The visuals override the sounds.

But, when we have something a little more complex going on, we can use a new audio to fit the video. Even if the audio makes no sense, if it fits the visuals, we accept it.

You’ll never look at the Beatles the same way:

This stuff reminds me a lot of the Bonzo Dog Band of the 60s – who were influential on the Beatles and Monty Python.

First the Beatles:

and then Monty Python (Looks who is wiping the glass at the beginning)

Neil Innes of the Bonzos helped give us the Rutles, which brings us back to the first video:

While technology is different, there may be nothing new under the parody sun. But it is all still funny.

And yes, I have been a Bonzo Dog fan since I first heard Gorilla. Listening to them right now.

*Special bonus points if you knew that Neil Innes and Eric Idle also collaborated in Holy Grail: