‘Hurricane’ in the Gulf of Alaska

[Via Cliff Mass Weather Blog]

The heavy rains are still on track for Monday and early Tuesday for the Olympics and North Cascades, although the current runs are not quite as extreme.

The intense storm in the Gulf of Alaska is now forming–here is the wind field over the Pacific for 11 PM tomorrow. Just amazing. The white areas are higher than 55 kts sustained winds….essentially hurricane force. This IS a hurricane…but a midlatitude one. And keep in mind that strong winds, a long-lasting storm, and large fetch produce big waves.

And yes, the waves are forecast to be enormous…here is the prediction from the NOAA Wavewatch 3 model. The pinks are waves greater than 15 meters (49 feet). These waves are NOT heading here.


This time of year we get some really wild, unstable air. This weather pattern brought some very strong winds to the coast. Hurricane force winds are not too unusual.

Luckily, it looks like it did not move inland very far and we have a nice sunny day right now.