Blogging the Civil War

lincoln by Believe Collective

[Via Daring Fireball]

New from The New York Times: follow the Civil War as it unfolded, 150 years later. Great idea for a weblog.


The first two have been really fun to read. It will be interesting reading what was happening 150 years ago each week.

Will Lincoln Prevail? is fascinating to read. I will be following all of these.


2 thoughts on “Blogging the Civil War

  1. The blogging world doesn’t trust the modern MSM, but does expect it to print the truth about something that happened 150 years ago? Interesting. However, since the NY Times has been writing fiction for some years, maybe this will get it out of their system and they can become journalists again and not novelists.

    1. Sounds like you do not trust large parts of the MSM either. A healthy skepticism of the MSM and a recognition of the pressures put on it that can be at cross purposes from educating the public does not mean that the MSM should be ignored or that everything it produces is worthless.

      Being in a period of yellow journalism does not mean that there is unworthy, untruthful material out there. It just means that one has to look a little harder and do some more research to get an idea of the worthiness and truthfulness of the material. Even in the NYT.

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