iTunes has Genius sidebar back

Apple updates iPhoto to fix data loss bug, modifies iTunes sidebar
[Via AppleInsider]

Apple released Friday an update to iPhoto to resolve a data loss problem that can occur when upgrading one’s library to iPhoto ’11. The company also quietly modified the sidebar in its iTunes software to bring back Genius Recommendations.


The update of iTunes that brought us Ping also got rid of one of my favorite tools for finding music – the Genius Sidebar. When I would be playing a song, the sidebar would show me any similar songs by the same band, as well as some similar ones. It helped me keep up to date with my favorites.

But the last update got rid of this, replacing it with the Ping sidebar for Apple’s social network. While I think Ping might be useful someday, it seems unfinished now and not a very good way to find music.

A lot of people complained and refused to update the software. including me.

So, I waited to upgrade, waiting to see if Apple would listen. Seems they did and the Genius Sidebar is back.