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Halloween Costume Idea: Pretend You Have a Portal in Your Torso
[Via Discoblog]

There are still a few days before Halloween costume frenzy will reach its peak, but we think we have a winner. Forget all those Lady Gaga and Chilean miner costumes: We’re taken with Ben Heck’s ingenious see-through portal t-shirt.

portal2This high-tech costume makes it look like the wearer has a hole in his torso, thanks to a tiny camera on his back, and an LCD screen on his chest that shows the image captured by the camera. Want your own? Here’s a blow-by-blow video of how to build it. There are a few digressions into other projects, but we encourage you to watch through and get all the info you need to avoid the fate of being just another Gaga.


I’d imagine this could be used to really great effect for Halloween. I wonder how well the effect works in person compared to seeing a picture?