CFLs are the best choiuce right now

CFL by Bludgeoner86

Energy saving lamp is eco-winner
[Via EurekAlert! – Biology]

(Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA)) In a new study, Empa researchers have investigated the ecobalances of various household light sources. In doing so not only did they take into account energy consumption, but also the manufacture and disposal processes. They also evaluated usage with different electrical power mixes. The clear winner is the compact fluorescent lamp, commonly known as the energy saving lamp.


They looked at incandescent, fluorescent, halogen and CFLs. They examined environmental costs to produce and dispose of as well as use.

CFLs won, partly, I think, because we would use 1/10 the number of bulbs as with incandescent . And, depending on how the energy is generated, they can result in much less carbon, mercury and other pollutants entering the environment.

I wonder how LEDs will turn out. Probably a little better than CFLs, I think.

One thought on “CFLs are the best choiuce right now

  1. I believe that this study, using overall life cycle analysis, is ignoring possible individual effects. It is one thing to conclude that “a coal fired power station emits the same quantity of mercury every hour as is contained in 8400 to 9000 energy saving lamps” And another to have to be the Chinese worker employed in making these lamps, which apparently can vary from high tech firms to sweatshops: Similarly, the mining of the mercury needed can be done with care or be accompanied by severe environmental damage.

    I think that countries dictating the use of these lamps should also have standards with regards to the sources.

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