The President signing an iPad, with video

Obama autographs Apple iPad (with video)
[Via MacDailyNews]

At a recent campaign rally, Sylvester Cann had U.S. President Barack Obama sign his Apple iPad…


Check out the video at MacDailyNews as well as a picture of the signature. The guy’s website is hosed because of all the hits it took today. I had seen a photo of this from another angle from the AP:


A rally participant asks President Barack Obama to sign his iPad as the president greets the crowd during a rally for Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010, at the University of Washington in Seattle. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Presidents do not usually sign autographs in the rope line. Apparently security worries about them being used as a weapon that close to the President. So this guy thought, I’ll have him sign my iPad. He wrote out the request on his iPad, put a place to sign and quickly showed the President how to use his finger.

You can see the President look a little quizzically at the iPad and both the Secret Service guys move in close to examine. The President looks like he got a kick out of signing the iPad with his finger. Cute idea.

Apple should use something like this in an Ad. Only the iPad could easily get the President’s signature full-scale like this. Trying to do it on a phone would not have worked nearly as well.

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  1. The guy is creative. guess the president has never received such request before. However, signing on a digital pad, there might be a risk that someone would compromise the signature. This could be a good idea for Apple to come out with some cool gadget to create “digitalization” in corporate documents.

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