So, not only are iPad competitors all 20 lengths behind but all of them forgot to feed their horses?

Analyst: Apple well-positioned to avoid Christmas inventory crunch
[Via MacDailyNews]

“It’s not just a cliché: Apple really does think different,” Elizabeth Woyke reports for Forbes. “The latest example: supply chain smarts. Though a number of analysts expect inventory problems to depress holiday sales of gadgets, Apple is believed to have insulated itself from such problems.”


I talked about the other day about MS being so far behind with their phones. Similarly with iPad competitors. They are almost a year behind. And they may not even be able to supply a small amount for the holidays.

Apple may have sucked up all the parts. That happens when you catch you competitors flat-footed and make long term contracts for all the flash memory available. Hard to sell much of something if you can not get parts.

So, see if this sounds encouraging for some of these competitors. Daughter wants iPhone. Father like Windows 7 phone on an HTC model. When he goes to the store, none of these phones are available but lots of iPhones are there. Might as well get what the daughter wants.

Or how about Verizon selling the iPad with a MiFi? That looks even cooler than the Windows phone. Why not get some iPads for the whole family?

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