Pepsi in our water future?

i-crop: Pepsi’s Revolutionary Precision Farming System
[Via Big Think]

Sustainable farming is a topic of pressing interest and a domain of growing innovation in agriculture, but it’s an incredibly complex issue involving multiple interrelated factors. A new partnership between Pepsi UK and Cambridge University addresses one of the most critical components in sustainable agriculture: Efficient water use in crop management.


This sounds pretty exciting. I just wonder how much Pepsi will charge for using the proprietary IP it is creating. It opens up something interesting to think about. What could they charge for a process that can make farmers 90% efficient with their water usage? We are all helped by making sure water usage is optimized. As the water cycle becomes more and more distorted, we will not want many farmers to be wasting water.

Do we require everyone to use Pepsi’s technology or whomever has proprietary IP on this or does the government use its power to ‘take’ the IP for a fair price? Which will maximize our best use of water?.What is the best price?

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    1. Of course it could be patented. I was talking about some of the things to think about. We created public utilities to deal with things that are necessary for society but for which a pure free-market approach would not be appropriate. Would something similar develop for technology like this?

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