Windows Phone 7 starting out 20 lengths behind

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First reviews of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 find it lacking
[Via AppleInsider]

Early reviews of Microsoft’s re-entry into the smartphone operating system market have been impressed with some of Microsoft’s user interface decisions, but see the company as having a long way to go to catch up to Apple’s iPhone.


When they come out with an OS that does not even effectively compete with what the competition had out 2 years ago, MS sets it self up to have to come from behind by quite a bit. Because their competition is not sitting still at all.

Apple now has an integrated approach to cover all of its offerings from mobile to desktop with one overarching OS:

Apple has created a system where innovations on one form factor can be easily moved into others, whether those innovations are hardware or software. No one else can do this.

How will MS compete with that? How will Google compete with that?

Instead of having separate systems and GUIs for mobile, laptop and desktop, Apple will have a single approach. Google at least has a chance to compete on the mobile space. But it has a system based purely on ads so paid for apps are not a high priority, attracting a different sort of developer than the desktop.

Same as MS. But Apple’s approach can be attractive to developers on any form factor. With relatively short development timelines, they can produce software for any form factor – since the underlying OS is the same.

That is why MS is so far behind. It does not even compete with Google. Its mobile OS sales do nothing to drive greater sales of its hardware because the OSes are completely different. They each inhabit completely different ecosystems.

But not Apple and that is why they will succeed in the end.