The Lion Roars?

lion by Tambako the Jaguar

Anticipating Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
[Via RoughlyDrafted Magazine]

As Apple prepares to release its current quarterly earnings, a second announcement this week will present the company’s future related to the Mac platform. Here’s what’s likely to be unveiled.

The company has been devoting much of its efforts toward iOS since its release, and it’s no wonder why. Mac sales are (and have been) growing about as fast as they possibly can, and there is no new competition buffeting the shores of PC Island; Apple’s Mac platform is the only storm delivering hurricane devastation to the status quo of desktops and laptops.


He does a great job discussing how iOS IS max OSX. So, almost any innovation created for one can be fairly easily moved to the other. In contrast, MS Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 have very different innards.

So, when FaceTime becomes a part of iOS devices, it will not be a surprise to see iChat AV incorporate it, allowing desktops to talk with iPod Touches, without needing any phone company involved. We have a new version of Calendar on MobileMe which looks like the iPad version and synchs with the desktop version.

There is a lot more speculation but I think his point that a lot of the heavy lifting for iOS is complete, opening up engineering resources for OS X may be right on target. People do not realize how few engineers Apple has working for them compared with other high tech companies.

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