Extremely cool manipulation of DNA

Chemical origami used to create a DNA Möbius strip
[Via Ars Technica]

Researchers at Arizona State University have recently used origami to fold DNA into a Möbius strip. Why? Because its frickin’ cool, that’s why. The scientists, who hail from the departments of biophysics, chemistry, and biochemistry, chose to make one out of DNA “not only because it is artistically inspiring, but also because it will likely display unique material properties that may be applied to create novel molecular devices.”


Because if we can make a Mobius strip out of DNA, perhaps we can create all sorts of possible structures.

One of my favorite problems from the chemistry class class taught by RIchard Dickerson at CalTech involved a very small piece of circular DNA. By shifting reading frames. mRNA that was much monger than the DNA piece could be made.

Perhaps some wonderful things could be made from this. MAybet a really interesting science fiction story where aliens have DNA folded like a Mobius strip.