Comedians are always the smartest people

George Carlin on Science and the Meaning of Life
[Via Cosmic Variance]

George Carlin, asked about the meaning of life, proclaims his love for astrophysics and particle physics. And the cyclic universe scenario, in particular.

The interviewer, sadly, is pretty clueless, and wears his cluelessness like a badge of honor. Carlin shows quite a bit of restraint.


My theory is that good comedians, by the basis of their art, are very intelligent and very quick on their feet. Being adaptable is a key aspect, especially those who perform in front of live audiences.

So ill betide anyone who thinks they are just entertainers, as this particular entertainer demonstrates. Carlin talks deeply, passionately and with humor on something probably 5% or less of the population have even heard about.

And Carlin is actually so polite in answering the questions, even the inane ones. When someone has a chance to interview Carlin, does it really make sense to ask him questions about physics? In a real effort to know the physics rather than have George be funny.