I wonder if it also does a good job insulating?

water runoff by Zach Dischner

Olympia’s City Hall getting a green roof
[Via All Today’s News – Sightline Daily]

For starters, the roof is literally turning green. Workers prepared beds of soil Wednesday on the roof of the building so they could plant beds of small green plants called sedums. The roof is becoming environmentally green as well. The Washington-grown plants are intended to soak up rainwater so that most of it stays on the roof, rather than running off, collecting contaminants and draining into streams.


Some questions. Capturing water is great, especially from runoff. But I wonder what these roofs will do to the heating efficiency of the building? White roofs are being suggested to lower the heat retention of the Earth. What effect will a green roof have?

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  1. Is is Switzerland or Austria where some farms have cottage with enough grass on the roof to pasture goats? Seems to me that they would be able to answer some questions.

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