‘Cut the Rope’ is the best new game for iPad

rope by Seldom Scene Photography (was Old Dog Photo)

[Via MacSurfer’s Oped]

Holy feathered kerfluffles! The foul-tempered fowl of “Angry Birds” have been unseated from their perch atop Apple’s App Store charts by … an adorable monster with an insatiable appetite for candy.


I have had this game for a couple of days and it has to be the most addictive game in a long while. Even if you play the $0.99 iPhone version on an iPad. BUt the more expensive HD iPad version is simply beautiful.

It uses real physics, meaning you have to know how balloons behave when you pull them or how elastic cords rebound as you cut them.

Not only does the game have a huge number of these puzzles to solve but it also keeps track of your speed on each level. So you can always try to do it faster.

Usually when you get to the hard levels on these sorts of games, it can be pretty frustrating. But it is so easy to start over that you can easily scrub a try when you screw up.

He makes such a sorrowful sound when you don’t get the candy to him.

And some of the levels are really tricky. Not just because they require you to cut the rope at just the right time but you have to do everything in the right order, which is not immediately obvious.

I’m just about done. When they come out with more levels, I will buy those too. This is one game I hope the developers get quite a bit of money for. Over a million downloads so far is pretty cool.