Another step towards the end of iOS dependence on wireless carriers

cell tower by ashish_sharma_ait

Apple’s iPad coming to AT&T and Verizon stores on October 28th
[Via AppleInsider]

Both AT&T and Verizon announced Thursday that they will begin selling Apple’s iPad in their brick-and-mortar retail stores on Thursday the 28th, with the latter offering the device in conjunction with its MiFi mobile hot spots.


The iPad will be able to communicate with others via Facetime (I guess without videos to begin with but you know that is coming). I would expect the iPod Touch would work similarly. With either, you would have the ability to be independent of any particular carrier for phone and data.

Using a MiFi would mean you could search for the best deal to get access if WiFi is not available. But with White-fi around the corner, you may not even need that.

Then Apple could sell iOS devices without having to depend on any carrier. No need for 2 year contracts and we could all talk without needing to pay anything other than data charges, if that.

Who else is positioned to do this? Every other company making cell phones is joined to the carriers at the hip. Only Apple could give us independence for the tyranny of the carriers.

It may take a few years but I think the hegemony of the wireless carriers in the US is in decline, due to Apple.