A nice $4 million ‘hobby’

Apple TV sellouts seen as start of 1M sales per quarter
[Via AppleInsider]

Just a week after the new Apple TV went on sale, many of Apple’s retail stores around the U.S. are sold out of the set top box, with one Wall Street analyst predicting the device is on pace to sell a million per quarter.


This little device sold out in a week? I think Apple may have something here. A million a quarter works out to about $400 million dollars in revenue they did not have before. Not too shabby.

And if they could get more companies in line, they’d sell even more and change the way we watch video.

Couple with White-fi and you might not need cable or broadcast channels anymore to get content delivered. Goodbye Comcast and NBC. White-fi could have a range of 2.5 to 5 km from a base station. We just need to find a way to increase its data rate, although current levels should be good enough for streaming videos.

Of course, White-fi just might be a way for MS to remain relevant in a mobile world. Maybe the start of a new cycle. Perhaps MS will be the first to implement White-fi in a mobile device. BUt Google will also be there.

It still might be better than dealing with the cell phone companies or the cable guys to get content.

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