Verizon dithers while Apple routes around the damage

facetime by Emmanuel Alanis

Verizon, Apple quarreled over iPhone retail options, digital content [Via AppleInsider]

Major sticking points in negotiations between Verizon and Apple have reportedly been the wireless carrier’s interest in allowing retail partners to sell the iPhone, and Verizon’s promotion of its V Cast digital video-on-demand store.


This is the same problems Apple had when it first brought out the iPhone. The cell networks want to be in charge of everything and set things up to maximize their profits. As does Apple. But, Apple actually does focus on what many people want and give it to them.

Apple lets us create our own ringtones at a time Verizon and others wanted $2-5. Verizon turned Apple down to begin with. ATT only came into the picture because they were so far behind in the market place that were willing to let Apple try anything.

Now they are right up there. Verizon wants to again edge Apple out of the equation.

What does this remind you of? How about Apple and Adobe? Adobe, through Flash, has the potential to control Apple’s software development. So Jobs just cut them out, not even putting them on any of the mobile devices.

While there are good technical reasons for what Jobs is doing, it also fits things he has said. He does not want Apple’s future directions controlled by others. So, the phone companies are trying to do just that, what is Jobs going to do?

I think I know and have written about it. Using White-fi, Apple will be able to provide video phone calls to almost anywhere without having to really be beholden to any phone company. It’ll work on any mobile device Apple sells and will provide a better value proposition to the customer than the cell phone companies do.

FaceTime will supposedly be available to others so other devices will be able to get around the cell phone networks. It uses Apple servers to make the connection. Perhaps this is one reason Apple is building that huge server farm in NC? Not to simply stream music but to provide the needed ability to connect Wi-Fi devices in FaceTime.