Dismissing technology that is less than 5 years old

The Revolution Will Be Tweeted
[Via Daily Ideafeed | Big Think]

“Malcolm Gladwell is surprisingly dismissive of the power of social networking to effect change. In the latest issue of the New Yorker, he writes that the role played by Facebook and Twitter in recent protests and revolutions has been greatly exaggerated. … ‘We seem to have forgotten what activism is,’ writes Gladwell. If activism is defined only as taking direct action and protesting on the streets, he might be right. But if activism extends to changing the minds of people, to making populations aware of what their governments are doing in their name, to influencing opinion across the world, then the revolution will be indeed be tweeted.”


Facebook and Twitter are less than 5 years old as any sort of widespread social networking tool. Yet they are already having effects just in being able to organize protest and mass actions, to be able to mobilize the hearts and minds of large groups of people.

What will the system look like after 10 years of this?