His stalker-like antics have gotten him banned from the University’s campus

Mich Ass’t Attorney General cyberbullies gay student body president
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Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has become so fixated on a particular gay University of Michigan student that he runs a blog about the student called “Chris Armstrong Watch.”


How in the world can a state employee get away with intimidating a student this way and keep his job? Doesn’t he have a boss to reign him in? Guess not. His boss says he is free to do whatever he wants to on his own time. So I assume stalking a student is okay. Makes you wonder just how strongly this state’s Justice department would prosecute the death of a gay student?

Of course, it turns out that Shirvell has served as an assistant campaign manager for the State’s Attorney General, so the AG certainly knows the views of this guy.

As the Washington Post stated:

He may be doing this on his own time, but it raises issues of fairness and security. How can the gay men and lesbians of Michigan trust a lawyer for the state when he spends every waking hour out of the office denigrating who they are?

Obviously, this guy would not be able to be involved at all in any of these prosecutions, but even the boss seems to have tainted himself.

Shirvell has come onto campus to specifically target the activities of this student. He called the student’s employer trying to get him fired. His disruptive efforts on the campus against the student got him an anti-tresspass order and the student is nowtrying to get a restraining order against the Shirvell. The guy has showed up at 1:30 am at the student’s house. The student had to ask police to provide protection for him to leave his house.

Shirvell has a blog where he only discusses his maniacal ravings about this one student. The guy is an obnoxious bully who is trying to use the ‘power’ he has to intimidate a private citizen. The goal is to not only attack this student but to prevent any other person from standing up, because he might make their life hell.

Why would an average person want to put themselves through such harassment? This is how bullies have always worked and it really stinks that a member of the justice system is so obviously one.

I really hate bullies. A lawyer for the state goes on the personal attack of a student. And that is okay because of the First Amendment? It is political speech that is protected. You can not just intimidate someone else and call it First amendment.

But then the same guy has been on an anti-gay tirade for some time. He tried to get a Catholic parish in the area to boycott a pizza place in 2005 because it had a rainbow sticker in the window.

He also helped organize protests that threatened to disrupt a Catholic confirmation ceremony because he did not like the former State Senator that was speaking nearby. He compared her to the KKK because she was pro-choice, even though the presentation was on how to register to vote.

He has been doing this for years, being a graduate of the Ave Maria Law School, an institution apparently started to produce lunatic lawyers. He does not want people he disagrees with to have any visibility in public life. What a bully.

How can any private citizen get away with such intimidating tactics, much less a state official? Watch the video and you will get some idea of what a loon this guy is.

But a loon that can make the decision on whether someone goes to Federal prison for years or simply gets to walk. I think that a good defense lawyer could have quite a fun time tainting any cases done by this guy, especially if the client was gay.