Why is every iPad competitor a 7 inch?

tablet by viagallery.com

Dell to launch 7-inch tablet in ‘next few weeks’ to challenge iPad
[Via AppleInsider]

U.S. computer maker Dell reportedly plans to take on Apple’s iPad with a smaller, 7-inch device set to launch in a matter of weeks, as well as a 10-inch touchscreen device planned to debut in the next year.

As noted Wednesday by The Wall Street Journal, the president of Dell in Greater China revealed that the 7-inch tablet, shown off briefly last week by CEO Michael Dell, will launch “within the next few weeks.” The device will run Google’s Android mobile operating system.


All the big competitors coming out in the short term is a 7 inch tablet And a full size one will come out later.

I first thought this different form factor was to differentiate them from an iPad. But I wonder if it is due to the parts they can get.

One of the comments mentioned that APple has soaked up half of the world’s supply of suitable memory for these sorts of devices. I wonder if something similar is going on with 10 inch screen. So lot of 7 inches available and that is why we see them now.

Of course, Apple is expanding the manufacturing capacity for iPads and may continue to put pressure on the availability of supply for others for some time.

If so, it is an example of keeping competitors out of the market because they can not get the parts they need. An INteresting approach.