A figure to strike fear in the hearts of non-Apple mobile phone makers

How Apple is sucking the profit out of the mobile phone business
[Via Brainstorm Tech]

The iPhone’s growing share of the spoils could spell bad news for Google’s partners


Source: Asymco

On Tuesday we posted a pair of pie charts that showed Apple (AAPL) selling 3% of the world’s mobile phones in the first half of 2010 and taking 39% of the industry’s profits. (See Apple’s outrageous share of the mobile industry’s profits.)

Asymco‘s Horace Dediu, however, did us one better. He published the graph above charting Apple’s share of the available profit in mobile phones as compared with its 7 biggest competitors over the past three years.


Some of the companies with the greatest investment in Android are also some of hose with the lowest profits – Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson. Nokia will not be licensing Android and neither will RIM.

Apple might be eating up the whole market’s profits for some time. Then what happens when FaceTalk and White-fi make cell phones unnecessary?

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  1. Apple’s competitors are where? « A Man With A Ph.D. Says:

    […] This means that every device has a huge number of things it can do right out of the box, from playing music to playing games. All can be bought from the device itself. Do Android phone users have an average of 60 apps per phone? What about any Android tablets? Apple has paid out $12 billion to music suppliers for iTunes. Apple sells  3% of the industry’s phones but makes 39% of the profits. […]

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