Great ads for Star Trek repeats

Sie sind unter uns!
[Via Bad Astronomy]

Translated from German, this means “They are among us!” and it’s a slogan the German SciFi channel has been using. And just to prove that every country is cooler than we are, they ran this commercial:

Now don’t get me wrong– I love me some Sharktopus — but I wish we had more TV ads like this one. Awesome.

And, of course, highly logical.

There are others, too, like this one, and this one, and this one, and this one which made me seriously LOL.

I love being a geek.


Why Spock would not make a good date. Some of the other ones are pretty cute. Of course, every one requires a prior knowledge of the show for it to work. Here we need to know that Spock could knock people out with his nerve pinch. Or that Data was a robot without a tan. Or that Quark would need a lot of Q-tips.

But then, anyone who has not seen Star Trek before is not likely to watch them anyway.

I wish the American SyFy channel would get the same ad agency.