An art contest I might have had a chance in

Stick Science cartoons
[Via A Blog Around The Clock]

Stick Science cartoon winners announced – see all the finalists and winners here. My favourite, #6 did not win, unfortunately:


I can draw stick figures. I’ll have to watch out for this next year.

I have to agree that the best ones in my opinion did not win. The one above is excellent and demonstrates not only a wonderful point but also has a witty style – style not being something normally associated with stick figures.

I like that Great Granddad has a hat and cane, Granddad has a hat, Dad is bare-headed and you have a gimme-hat. Also, I love the hairstyles of the mothers and that the correct number of each generation is shown.

And the figure does an excellent job demonstrating a key point about evolution – it is not linear with each point leading to the next without any branches. It demonstrates nicely how there can be two species alive today that are related by a last common ancestor. It demonstrates the fallacy of the “If were are descended from apes why are there still apes around?”

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