This is a very good use of Apple’s money, if true

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HDR photos in iOS 4.1 could be a result of Apple acquisition
[Via AppleInsider]

The addition of high dynamic range photos to the iPhone 4 via the iOS 4.1 software update may have come from the purchase of Imsense Ltd., a company that creates software to improve the quality of digital photos.


As I wrote earlier, I am a fan of the HDR aspect of iPhone 4. Apple acquired this company in the summer and the former head of engineering is now at Apple. If that is really the basis behind this feature, than I would say it was a great acquisition and an example of how to integrate new software bought by a company into its products. Apple did the same thing to get the original software for iTunes and for iAds.

Not at all the way Microsoft does it. I wonder why one is gaining in the contest of ideas and one is falling behind.