Land of Confusion for Google

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The Macalope Weekly: Choices
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Android goes bing, the App Store goes transparent, and one technology CEO goes to the Land of Questionable Metaphors.


So, Google makes money by people seeing their ads when doing searches. But, as I mentioned earlier this week, Google just changed their search engine page in a big way but have no idea how that will affect their ad revenue.

Now it comes out that Android phones from Verizon – Android being the OS Google gives away for free hoping people will watch ads and buy apps – will have Microsoft’s Bing as the default search engine, not Google. Yep, MS is paying Verizon to get its own search engine onto all the phones that Google helped create through Android.

Google gets no revenue for the Verizon phones, Verizon gets revenue from MS and MS gets revenue from Bing. Who loses in this situation?

As the Macalope says in the paragraph preceding the above quote:

Everyone wants to compare the Apple/Google mobile OS wars to the Apple/Microsoft desktop wars of the 1990s. But if Compaq ever got out of line, Microsoft always told them to go jump in a proverbial lake. And then it pushed them in an actual lake. Filled with sharks. A special breed of freshwater great white sharks that the company had genetically engineered for that particular purpose. And then it poured petroleum into the lake and lit it on fire.

Google doesn’t seem to be able to exercise that kind of leverage. Android’s popular, there’s no denying that, but at what price comes popularity when you wake up in a strange hotel room with your arm around Bing?

2 thoughts on “Land of Confusion for Google

  1. I love reading the comments on a subject like this. I have a theory that Mac Users have a better sense of humor than do PC users. And the comments prove my theory.

    1. Just remember that the Mac/MS wars are pretty much done. It is now Apple/Google. That is one of the amazing things Apple has done – it is one of the few companies in American history to make itself a primary fighter in two successive paradigm-shifting industrial battles.

      I think the sense of humor has much to do with which side an article attacks. Often a pro-Android article will have some funny pro-Google people and some pro-Apple ones who seem more. It is always easier to be funnier when you are surrounded by friends.The key is to be funny with a hostile crowd. That is where genius comes in.

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