And the iPad blinders are still in place

Intel CEO says ‘simplistic’ Apple TV is more for ‘mom,’ sees Google TV devices coming this month
[Via MacDailyNews]

“Intel chief Paul Otellini in an interview today confirmed that the first Google TV devices should start shipping in September.

“He also tried to downplay the significance of losing the new Apple TV as a possible device now that it uses an ARM-based chip rather than Intel’s Pentium M,” Electronista reports. “Otellini felt that Jobs took a ‘step backward’ by making the device less of a computer-like device. Google TV would be better since it was the ‘full Internet’ melded with traditional TV.”


This is so similar to what we heard about the iPad – too simple, can’t match a netbook, who would want one. Seems to me there are a lot of ‘moms’ buying them. There are estimates that over 28 million iPads will be sold next year, cutting into the low end PC market substantially.

Now we have a guy saying that moms will like the AppleTV but people rally interested in more – men?– would get the Google TV.

I think people are going to be surprised how many ‘moms’ there are. For $99, this device will provide an avenue to see video that will be just too simple to accomplish to ignore.

Besides, Apple has about 4 years of understanding of the needs and capabilities of this market. THey took that information and provided something that will sell – not another computer to hook up, no storage, etc.

How much practical research does Google have on this? The fact that Google admits that they did no research to see what effect to the bottom line completely changing their search pages does not bode well.

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  1. “MOMS” control an awful lot of things for the house in this country, including the money! At last, a “gadget” for them that is simple to use.

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