The lawyers will love this one

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Taxes Clash with Free Speech in the Philadelphia Blogosphere
[Via The Scholarly Kitchen]

Philadelphia extends local small business fees to bloggers making money, arguing they are just like anyone else trying to make money in the city. But given the free speech element, they aren’t “just like anyone else.”


This has all sorts of interesting possibilities for free speech vs the government but it could easily be dealt with in a very fair fashion – simply say that any business that has revenues under $1000 (or some limit) does not have to register and pay the fee.

Problem solved. I expect that many lawyers and much time will be involved before this simple solution is reached.

One thought on “The lawyers will love this one

  1. More interesting in the original story is the statement that a pol is trying to get the FCC to shut down a couple of political bloggers. That, of course, is out and out censorship.

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