I’ll be putting iOS 4.1 on my iPhone 3G tonight

iPhone by Gonzalo Baeza Hernández

iOS 4.1 results in faster performance for iPhone 3G users
[Via Edible Apple]

In the wake of the iOS 4.0 software update, a number of iPhone 3G owners reported that they were experiencing significant system sluggishness. Apple forums were filled with users complaining of poor system responsiveness, decreased battery efficiency, and some even called the update unusable.

In response, Apple eventually announced that they were looking into the matter and they appear to have resolved the iPhone 3G’s system woes with the recent release of iOS 4.1. Below, LifeHacker posted a video comparing system performance with iOS 4 and iOS 4.1 on the iPhone 3G. Note that the official release of iOS 4.1 is scheduled to drop on Wednesday. As such, the video below showcases the final developer build of iOS 4.1.

The video demonstrates the results, but here they are in all their glory:

  • Messages: iOS 4.1 Wins (By a Little)
  • Maps: iOS 4.1 Wins (By a Lot)
  • Photos: iOS 4.1 Wins (Just Barely)
  • Safari: iOS 4.1 Wins (Just Barely)


It says that it can take some time as it will back everything up so I’ll do it while recharging tonight. if I remember. Now if November would get here sooner so I can upgrade the iPad.