By the Hosts of the Hoary Hoggoth!

By Raggadorr’s Seven Rings!
By Cyttorak’s Crimson Bands!
Let yon demons feel Valtorr’s Stings —
So Dr. Strange commands!

‘Doctor Strange’ Movie In The Works

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While at DragonCon this past weekend, Stan Lee let slip that he will have an upcoming cameo in the forthcoming Doctor Strange movie (to be released in 2012 apparently, which is when the Mayans predicted the end of the world. Coincidence?). He also admitted that the movie had no director or star currently attached, but it would be filmed by Marvel’s masters at Disney.

Granted, there was that television movie (a.k.a. failed pilot) in 1978 starring Peter Hooten. The character has also appeared in various animated shows from Marvel. This, however, would be the first theatrical appearance for the character and given the recent hype for magic-based characters (such as Harry Potter) and the level at which computer effects have risen, it seems the right time for the good doctor to get his own movie.


Dr. Strange was my favorite Marvel character in the 70s. I would feel better if they had a director attached but it would be cool to see Steven Strange doing those cool incantations. I want to hear how you really say some of those words.

Cracked had a nice send up of the three problems that have to be overcome for a Dr. Strange movie. But I love one of their suggestions, which is to take progressive music lyrics form the 70s and use them as parts of incantations. Such as “In and around the Lake. Mountains come out of the sky and they STAND THERE!”

I could do this all say, as I have several playlists that are only progressive bands from the 70s. How about “Now the earth gives forth its secrets. Held in mountain sea and plain. They have never been forgotten. Only locked inside my brain.”

or “Schindleria praematurus”

or “Turn and run. Nothing can stop them. Around every river and canal their Power is growing. Stamp them out. We must destroy them. They infiltrate each city with their thick dark warning odor. They are invincible”

or “Take the face that you see for the man, Clown and minstrel, I am what I am. All my family, not of my kin. Home, wherever, the place that I’m in.”

or “Born with a strength untold. Foreseen to have great age. Set in Gargantuan mould, Joyful laugh, yet quick to rage. Princely wisdom, habits bold; Power, glory, lauded sage”

or “And no one sings me lullabies. And no one makes me close my eyes. So I throw the windows wide. And call to you across the sky.”

or “I chase the wind of a prism ship. To taste the sweet and sour. The pattern juggler lifts his hand; The orchestra begin.”

or “Guardians of a new clear dawn. Let the maps of war be drawn.”

or “There’s no end to my life, No beginning to my death: Death is life.”

They almost write themselves.