Why doesn’t every smartphone camera already have this?

First look: Taking HDR photos with Apple’s iOS 4.1
[Via AppleInsider]

When iOS 4.1 ships next week, iPhone and iPod touch users will have a new feature that allows for better photos in bright lighting: High Dynamic Range. AppleInsider offers a first look at the new technology built right in to the iOS Camera application.


This looks like the coolest feature of iOS 4.1. If the HDR images are created all in software, with no real need for the shooter to fiddle with things, it could have a huge impact on many point and soot photos. All of a sudden, amateurs will be creating nicely exposed photos.

I expect Android to catchup pretty quickly by adding it to the OS rather than relying on third [arty solutions. Because Apple’s implementation is nice. Shoot a picture and its done.