Wall Street analysis of Apple products not known for their accuracy

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Wall Street views new Apple TV as small step, not living room revolution
[Via AppleInsider]

While the new Apple TV was given the coveted “one more thing” slot in Steve Jobs’ keynote Wednesday, the product will “continue to play second fiddle” to the iPods that were introduced, analysts on Wall Street believe.


Sometimes I think these guys would not know a revolution if it hit them over the head. I have been examining how much more I pay a month for all those movie channels. It is outrageous, especially since I hardly use most of them.

So much of what I watch on TV today can also be downloaded, at times and prices much more convenient for me. The extra money I pay for movie channels that I only watch a few hours a month can easily pay for the same content on a streaming system, with money left over.

That is the revolution that has the cable companies scared. I have been looking at going back to basic cable and using Netflix to get any movies/TV shows that I would miss. I’d look at going completely to a download model except for sporting events – although ESPN360 is demonstrating ways around that.

The thing that has been holding this up is having to actually set up the download scenario. I had looked at buying a blu-ray DVD player because many new ones have wifi inside for accessing Netflix. Even that was not the easiest thing to do.

But, now Apple has a box that will do all of that, with a GUI that makes it trivial to not only move content from the Internet but also from my computer. For 99 frigging dollars!

So, I could go to basic, saving about 50 bucks a month for the special channels, buy an Apple TV and only pay for movies when I want to watch them. While not all TV programs are available today, I expect them to be soon.

Companies that distribute content are in trouble here – unless they can jigger net neutrality to get money when video it moved over the Inter – and they know it.

Apple just stormed the gates with AppleTV, beginning a change that will take over the industry. They will own the early days here and they will drive the system away from expensive cable to more pay as you go.

And Netflix will also be a big part. The combination means that we will be able to watch whatever we want when we want it.

Expect the vested interests to put up as much of a battle as they can to hold onto their dollars. But it is very likely that, before the end of the year, I will make big changes in the way I get content to watch and that my cable company will be getting much less money from me.

That is the revolution that Apple has started and that many analysts are missing.

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  1. And are you going to help your aged mother and father figure out how to use this new technology so I can get rid of Comcast?

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