Watching Steve live

This was the first time that I remember seeing live streaming of one of Apple’s events. Over all it went pretty well. I never lost audio. I lost video a couple of times but reloading page got it back with seconds. I’d love to hear how many streams they were dealing with simultaneously.

Watching Steve without any foreknowledge of what he was going to say was quite interesting. One of the interesting aspects of his presentation style is the times he just shuts up and lets the visuals do their magic.

Most speakers just do not do that. They always fill dead space. Jobs lets the space get filled with his wonderful visuals. A very effective strategy that displays a confidence that the material will stand on its own with his direct involvement.

He also uses simply graphics that require the audience to re-engage with what he is saying, not what is on the slide The slide just reinforces his words, not the other way around.

So, when he presents, he works hard to make sure the majority of you focus is on one thing – his words or his visuals. Most presentation result in split focus – you look at the slide while you listen to the speaker.

Perhaps this is one reason his events are so well received. He has a direct narrative to tell and does nothing to divert your focus from that.