Apple event September 1

So we shall see how this goes. Listening to some nice Jack Johnson music. See that Woz is in the audience.

And here we go.

10:02 Video froze but still sound. And video is back. Steve introduced Woz. Nice.

Now onto economic news. Stores in Paris. Store in Shanghai. Amazing looking building with glass cylinder Lost video again. Still have audio.(10:04). Store in England. Video back at 10:05.

300 retail stores. in 10 different countries. 1 million visitors each day several times a month. 80,000 classes a week. over 50% of store sales to first time mac users.

10:06 iOS. big three devices. shipped 120 million. activating 230,000 new activations a day. . 200 apps every second being downloaded. 250,000 apps in store. 25000 ipad apps.

now to iOS 4.1 and bug fixes. added HDR photos (cool). HD downloads and game center. [I want my video back]

HDR is pretty cool and it does it automatically.

[Had to reload page to get video back and lost several minutes I guess. Now onto game center] Making games social 10:12.

Mike Capps from Epic to demo game. wonderful graphics. Best real time game battle for a Apple product ever! Never go against the game’s developer. I’ll buy it.

10:16 4.1 is out next week [hope it speeds up on older iPhones]. 4.2 will be out later for iPad which includes 4.1 changes and wireless printing, airplay.

Printing demo. It just works. Looks wonderful. Airplay is streaming audio, video and photos over wifi.

4.2 demo on iPad. More Jack Johnson. and multitasking. Now folders. Comes out in November.

10:21 The entree.Now to iPods. Sold 275 million iPods. Every year the iPod is better. New designs for every model.

iPod Shuffle. buttons. voiceover and playlists. and smaller. 15 hours of music. 5 colors at $49. Cute.

10:24 iPod Nano – made it multitouch. no click wheel. very small. has a clip like shuffle. half as small and half the weight. Voiceover. FM radio. 24 hours of battery life. 4 app buttons at a time. Demo time. Ella Fitzgerald with multi touch. Played Even the Losers by Petty. can rotate screen to make sure it is readable.also does photos. 6 different colors. $149 8 gig. $179 in 16 gig.

10:31 Now to the iPod Touch. most popular one. number 1 portable game player in the world. outsells sony and nintendo combined. made it thinner. now with retina display. uses A4 chip. 3 axis gyro. Facetime and front facing camera over wifi. Also has rear camera with HD recording. 40 hours of music playback. 8 gig $229. 32 gig $299. 64 gig $399.

All available for pre-order today and sent out next week.

10:36 Now some new ads.

10:38 iTunes. 11.7 songs downloaded. 450 million TV episodes. 160 million accounts in 23 countries. iTunes 10 is being released. New logo. No more CD. some small cosmetic changes in iTunes. working on discovery in iTunes store. adding social network aspects. calling it Ping. Facebook, twitter meet iTunes. all about music. custom top 10 chart based on what followers are downloading. Get concert info for artists being followed. Social music discovery.

LOST Broadcast. 10:44. It started back at beginning. Had to reload to get current video stream. Started to cut out. again at 10:45.

Ping demo. More Jack Johnson. Previews and posting. Lady Gaga says hi. Now I have another social network to deal with. it is available on iPhone and iPod touch also. iTunes 10 available today.

One more thing – Apple TV. introduced 4 years ago. not big hit but no one else is either. What have we learned? Users love them. They want movies and TV whenever they want them. DO not want amateur hour. Want HD and they want it cheap. Do not want computers. do not want to manage storage. do not want syncing. Too complex. want it to be silent, cool and small.

10:53. new apple TV is 1/4 the size! Hold it in your power brick. HDMI out and ethernet (has wifi). That is it. uses rental models so no storage. rental prices so low that it is cheaper to watch several times than buying.

Content – $4.99 HD movies. The day and date on DVD. get cheaper as time goes on. HD TV used to be $2.99 to rent one will be $.99! Got ABC and FOX right now. Can also stream netflix right on apple tv. Can watch Youtube. Stream content from computer. NIce UI.

11 video cutting out again. Have to reload page. demoing Apple TV. Rented Iron Man for demo. Netflix demo. NIce. [I’ve been thinking of getting a blu-ray DVD player but maybe I’ll get an AppleTV]

Airplay in November tih iOS 4.2. can stream matreial from iPad to appleTV. [Best holy shit moment of event as he moved video from iPad to family TV with a single swipe on iPad. Apple does this so well.]

Price used to be $229. Lowered price $99!!!! Out in 4 weeks. I will be pre ordering I think. [Apple stock up $7.25]

wrap iPods. new iTunes. Ping. iOS 4.2. AppleTV.

Love music. Whenever we have music events. like to have reminder. [Here comes live music ending.] Chris Martin from Coldplay. Always a nice way to end an event about music.