Flash should just disappear

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Adobe Flash hobbles Android use of BBC iPlayer versus iPhone
[Via MacDailyNews]

“A Freedom of Information request to the BBC completed just Thursday has revealed that Android use of iPlayer may have been hurt, rather than helped, by the use of Flash,” Electronista reports. “As the Android version of iPlayer requires the still-rare Flash plugin to work, British viewers streamed just 6,400 episodes in July. In comparison, 5,272,464 shows streamed to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch owners.”


Flash is such a pile of crap. My browser hangs all the time because of Flash. I get the spinning beach ball because of Flash. The Flash plug-in crashes. If I turn off the plug-in, no more crashes.

We should not stand for such a bug-ridden bit of software. We will only see it fixed or gone because of Apple’s stand.

The thing to remember is that most of Adobe’s technology and software are built on innovations it bought from others and simply screwed up, rather than developing its own technology. Just like Microsoft.

They simply do not seem to be able to fix this for mobile devices.