Wonderful but how do they actually do it

brazil by U-g-g-B-o-y-(-Photograph-World-Sense-)

Brazilian Model Could Feed World
[Via Daily Ideafeed | Big Think]

Risking a slow-motion food crisis, the world should copy Brazil, which reacted to its farm crisis with boldness, expanding production through science, not subsidies, says “The Economist”. In four decades it has become “the first tropical agricultural giant and the first to challenge the dominance of the ‘big five’ food exporters (America, Canada, Australia, Argentina and the European Union).” Sustainability is often associated with small farms and organic practices, but Brazil’s progress links combines huge farms and GM crops. “Brazil represents a clear alternative to the growing belief that, in farming, small and organic are beautiful.”


The article os a nice read but very low on data. It states that the Brazilian way is sustainable but provides little in the way of facts to support that assertion. To me, simply having abundant land and water s not really sustainable. That describes most of the US until recently. Sustainable is not just grabbing larger reservoirs of resources. It the ability to balance the input with the output.

I’d like to learn more about Brazil’s practices. The article may very well be highlighting an important issue. But I have many more questions after reading the article.

It proposes something interesting like the preamble to an important debate. Now I want some more meat. It would have been nice for the article to have provided some more meat or at least some links to where the meat is.