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Photos from China’s 10-day long traffic jam
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On Monday, the BBC reported on a 62-mile traffic jam in China, northwest of Beijing, where vehicles had been almost at a standstill for nine days. Naturally, the internet was fascinated. Doctor Who references were made. Personal commutes seemed less terrible by comparison. According to that BBC story, Chinese state TV reported that everything had already returned to normal.

This does not appear to actually be the case. Unless, of course, you consider “normal” to be “truck drivers playing cards underneath their immobile rigs”. The Associated Press sent a couple of Chinese correspondents out to the traffic jam Monday afternoon, and they returned with some great photos, tales of local residents gouging drivers on food and water sales, and the downright heartwarming fact that there have been no reports of road rage incidents. Some drivers reported having been stuck in the traffic jam for five days.


Stuck in traffic for 9 days and no alternate routes. The pictures of the drivers simply sleeping under their trucks are amazing. I have to wonder about about sanitation, food, water and other needs.


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