Lack of money is probably the main reason

Subscriber growth suddenly stops for cable TV industry
[Via Ars Technica]

The number of people shelling out for cable TV is on the decline, possibly opening the door for newer TV models to finally break through to the mainstream. According to data gathered by market research firm SNL Kagan, cable companies saw a noticeable drop in the total number of subscribers during the second quarter of 2010, a first for an industry that has thus far seen nothing but growth.

The number of cable subscribers dropped by 711,000, according to SNL Kagan, with six out of eight cable providers reporting their worst quarterly subscriber losses to date. Other parts of the industry were able to add just enough subscribers to make the net loss more like 216,000. Cable’s share of the pay-TV market dropped slightly too, from 63.6 percent to just 61 percent during the quarter.


I think the fact that the number of 401K withdrawals hit an all time high may be connected. People are strapped and paying $100 or more a month for cable is just more than they can spend.

Going back to getting broadcast over the airwaves and getting basic cable – or even just season passes to the shows i like and download them – is getting to be awfully tempting.

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  1. People aren’t going out to dinner as much either. Or going out, period. A lot of people are beginning to do all the things their parents tried to tell them to do for years. And more women are calling their mothers to find out how to save money.

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