All hat. No cattle.

Acer exec says Apple’s ‘closed’ iPad will drop to 20% market share
[Via AppleInsider]

The chairman of PC maker Acer has predicted that Apple’s iPad will drop to just 20 percent of the total tablet market when competing options are introduced, due to the “closed platform” of the iOS operating system.


I loved this:

JT Wang, chairman of Acer, spoke with the Economic Daily News and shared his prediction that the market share of the iPad will drop from 100 percent to between 20 percent and 30 percent.

Acer, like seemingly every other PC maker, is expected to get into the tablet business following the success of Apple’s iPad. That’s a change from earlier this year, when the company said before the iPad launched that it had no intention of competing with Apple in that market.

So, in a market that it created, Apple will lose some market share when competitors appear, competitors that were so forward-thinnking that they did not even believe they needed to enter the market.

Sure Android may have a higher market share than iOS but I do not think an individual manufacturer has a higher market share of smart mobile devices. I think Apple will be very comfortable with 30% of an expanding market, especially since that would most likely be higher than any other single company.

Does Acer expect to have 20% of the market?