An example of the wreck that is our Congress

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Google, Verizon warned not to “cable-ize” the Internet
[Via Ars Technica]

Four influential members of Congress, fed up with the Google/Verizon “industry-centered net neutrality policy framework,” are now demanding that the government act in the public interest to enforce real network neutrality.

More specifically, they want the FCC to act. Even though passing legislation through Congress would be cleaner and less legally fraught than implementing new rules at the FCC, current political realities make that impossible. It’s up to the FCC to git-er-done.


Few Republicans are for net neutrality, mostly wanting the large corporations to carve of the Internet and control it. But the Democrats are not much better with 73 of them against net neutrality.

Net neutrality means that bits of data I sent are treated just the same as bits of data sent by Google or Verizon or Apple. BIg companies do not get to make the internet work better and faster for them. In addition, they do not get to slow down competitor’s data.

Data is data and everyone’s is treated the same. Large corporations do not want that. They want to turn the Information Superhighway into a bunch of farm-to-market roads and contruct tollways for any real use of the Internet. from the article:

A Democratic legislative aide tells Ars that the votes simply aren’t in place, that members will grow even more skittish about passing controversial legislation as the November elections approach, and that no bill stands a realistic chance of moving through Congress unless the major carriers support it.

So, the Democrats will not pass anything, even if a majority want to. And, nothing passes unless the big corporations want it (This is one reason why many countries have more people connected to the Internet than we do and also are well on the way to full 4G cell technology while we are still puttering around trying to get 3G most places. Anytime we rely on the corporations to determine what legislation gets supported, you can bet that the final product will have few benefits for the people. Not unless the corporations are paid handsomely for it.)

So, again we have to rely on the Unitary President to get anything done. In fact, the Congress wants it done this way. Completely shirking their legislative duty, they empower the executive branch which has gathered power over the last 30 years.

Sometimes I feel like I am living during the last few years of the Roman Republic, before Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon.

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  1. A staffer talked because he was young enough to know about the Net. Most of Congress on either side of the aisle have no idea what the net is all about. They leave it up to their staffers. The same is true of corporations. And the people pushing it on business are the same kind of youngster trying to butter up the boss who doesn’t have any idea of what they are talking about!!!!

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