Will this latest antennagate get as much play as the iPhone’s?

Antennagate hits Verizon’s Android Motorola Droid 2
[Via AppleInsider]

Apple’s efforts to describe the antenna problems associated with iPhone 4 as an engineering issue facing all phone makers is getting a little help from Motorola, which has released Droid 2 to a series of complaints from users regarding poor signal.


We will have to see how widespread this is or not but the fact that all the review phones sent to Engadget had the problem should be worrisome. And this happens even when the phone is not held at all.

Of course, no one is claiming that there are dropped calls. Only that the bars are not reading accurately. Juts like the iPhone. But the media made such a big deal about this that the CEO of Apple had to call an emergency press conference to deal with it.

In a fair world, I would expect something similar when it hits an Android model. I’m not going to hold my breath.