Very warm today

Heat Warning
[Via Cliff Mass Weather Blog]

It is going to be very hot today…in fact, several degrees warmer than some of the forecasts. Many locations in western Washington will get into the mid-90s.
A number of stations…such as Sea Tac…are running ten degrees above yesterday (Sea Tac got to 86 yesterday). The profiler at San Point (Seattle) shows easterly flow aloft and temperatures of roughly 6 C (11F) warmer than yesterday (see plot)


That was yesterday, where the high at SeaTac got to 95°F (beat the record by 5 degrees set in 2006). It is not 2 PM yet and SeaTac is already at 95°F so I expect today may be worse. It will still be another high record.

By Wednesday we should be 20 ° cooler.