Admitting when they get it wrong

BBC apologizes to University of East Anglia
[Via Deltoid]

Following in the foot steps of the Sunday Timesretraction of their bogus Jonathan Leake story, the BBC has apologized for falsely stating that UEA researchers had “distorted the debate about global warming to make the threat seem even more serious than they believed it to be”. The BBC offers the excuse “that this was a live programme being put together under the pressure of events”, which is fair enough, except that it has taken over nine months to make this simple correction, for which, surely, there is no excuse.


How refreshing. admitting a fundamental mistake in reporting. and apologizing directly. Admitting that you perpetrated a false narrative is a hard thing to do but the right one.

Often the response of American papers is to blame the reader or their sources but not to ever apologize to the people harmed. Partly why I probably read more material from the British MSM as their tabloids are clearly marked, as are the politics of the different papers. In the US, they try to pretend that they are impartial.