You are not going to be innovating with those numbers

Chuck House on HP’s Shitcanning of Mark Hurd
[Via Daring Fireball]

Chuck House speculates that HP’s board was looking for a reason to force Hurd out:

The Voice of the Workplace, HP’s thirty-five year historic ‘measure’ of employee feelings (done every five years) showed in April an astonishing finding — more than two-thirds of HP’s employees would quit tomorrow if they had an equivalent job offer. Not a raise, not a promotion, simply an alternative. That number never used to be in double digits.

Hurd was, apparently, very unpopular with the HP rank-and-file.


Wow, 67% would work at another company for the equivalent pay. I wonder what percentage would work at another company for less pay? I wonder if they will be doing another one of surveys in 5 years?

2 thoughts on “You are not going to be innovating with those numbers

  1. Check the number of people cheering on the JetBlue flight attendant! Of course, he had a much more dramatic way to quit than most people. On the other hand, its August, school is starting in a lot of States, people can’t afford to take a vacation, and they are scared of the future, so most people are not happy at the moment and want to quit ANY job.

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